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 M.L.  Curry is an experienced Attorney who can help with any of your legal issues. View his video today to learn more:


Radio Program:
KWWJ 1360 AM
Monday Mornings
10:15-10:30 a.m.

Discussing relevant topics each week on:
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What We Do

Attorney M.L. Curry has represented Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury clients in the Houston area since 1984. 

M.L. Curry has represented thousands of accident victims in the Houston area.  He is a hard working, focused attorney who prevails over the Insurance companies and their legal teams on behalf of his clients with excellent results.

His in-depth knowledge of the Texas Admin Code, Texas Labor Code, DWC Rules, 3rd and 4th editions of the AMA guides provides the legal and medical foundations for Attorney Curry to achieve outstanding results for the injured worker.

His Personal Injury clients have continued to refer family and friends because of the results achieved from his representation.

Attorney Curry provides Pro Bono legal services to injured workers and the general public on various radio stations by responding to questions about Texas Workers' Compensation rules, Personal Injury law, and the aftermath of injury.

M.L. Curry's radio program airs on KWWJ 1360AM and addresses issues relevant to the public regarding Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury issues.

All cases accepted are personally represented by Attorney M.L. Curry.



27 years of experience

In-depth knowledge of: 

  • Texas Admin. Code
  • Texas Labor Code
  • TDI-DWC Rules
  • AMA Guides of Permanent Impairment 3rd & 4th Edition 

Know your rights regarding:

  •  BRC-CCH - Appeal Hearing
  •  98% success rate of BRC and CCH levels
  •  His representation may increase your Impairement Rating!

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