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M.L. Curry's Top Ten
Things to do when you get into an accident

1.)  Call the police right away.
2.)  While waiting for the police, get all of the insurance information from all parties involved in the

      accident, which should include the following:

*   Other driver's name
*   Address
*   Phone number
*   Witness name
*   Address
*   Phone number
*   Other car's Make/ Model/ Year/ License Number
*   Other car owner's insurance company
*   Phone number

Also be sure to record the following info as well...
*   Date and time of accident
*   Weather conditions
*   Road conditions
*   Location
*   And any other notes or information that will be helpful to Attorney Curry and your case.

3.)   Go to the Emergency Room immediately after the accident.  Completely describe all of your injuries and how they occurred, especially if you were on the job at the time of your accident.
4.)   Contact Attorney M.L. Curry.
5.)   You and Atty. Curry will select a medical clinic for ongoing treatment.
6.)   Purchase Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P.) if you have not done so already.
7.)   Purchase Un-insured and Under-insured motorist protection.
8.)   Attain and submit to Attorney a police report. (Police report available on-line)
9.)   Property damage - Get two (2) appraisals and submit both to Attorney Curry.
10.)  Purchase Rental Car coverage if it is not already included in your auto insurance coverage.